Hi! My name is Leslie and I'd like to take your pictures!

Are you ready to read why!? Here we go!

I have been a client for other photographers and understand why people only do family photos for special occasions (Christmas cards ring a bell?) It's expensive! Not to mention the hassle of getting everyone coordinated, ready to go and remaining happy when it's time to actually smile. Most wives want the pictures, most husbands dread the whole theatrics of getting there... and the kids... they don't really have a choice.

To be honest, I dreaded doing family pictures. The fake smiles, the uncomfortable poses, the studio... That's initially why I got started; I wanted to make sure my family was comfortable and having fun while exploring new places to take our pictures. (My husband was more than willing to go when the truck was required to get to where I wanted to be!)

I started getting more and more interested and practiced a lot with my family and friends. I found what I loved the most!

I love taking pictures that spark an emotion when people see them. I try to have a FUN photo shoot that gets everyone involved. I let each person choose a pose, even getting the kids to pick their favorite spot to do their individual picture. Silly faces and bunny ears are all acceptable in my shoots! The excitement and the relaxed environment create real smiles, real emotions. Your clothes don't have to coordinate, they can, but I'm finding that when everyone is wearing what they feel best in, each individual likes the outcome of the pictures much more. There is a confidence that you have when it's not staged, not rigid and your posed where your comfortable.

I love getting to know each client and making every photo shoot unique. I see the real families that have a good time together and I love hearing responses from clients. Here are a few:
"You caught the diva in my daughter"
"I just received my pictures and I cried at the beauty of my family."
"We had so much fun, my kids already want to do it again!"

And the inevitable question about price:
I am priced lower than most places for a few reasons. I think it's important to have pictures of what makes you happy surrounding you in your home, online and anywhere you frequent. I also encourage seasonal pictures. I think it's incredible to document your family growing (or in my case, my husbands facial hair) It's so fun to see the differences in all of us from season to season, year to year. I want you to be able to afford these two things- therefore, I do photography at a low price so that its attainable for my clients to have beautiful pictures surrounding them (not to mention pictures that look amazing with your seasonal d├ęcor).

If you've come this far it must mean you are ready to have a night of awesomeness while I take your pictures! My contact information is to the right --->

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I had the opportunity to shoot with this family and when I got home my jaw hurt from laughing so hard! We did 2 locations since they traveled to come to a new location for me.

The location in the grassy area is my SEPTEMBER SPECIAL. If you'd like to book it please contact me and let me know you'd like "Gun Smelter" for the location and you will get a full photo shoot with at least 20 digital pictures for $35! If you'd like to book the location by the buildings it is called "Broadway Date"

Beach Graffiti

A new location for me. Although I have to reshoot this family (I'm very picky so the family got these pictures free and I'm rescheduling because I want them to have quality pictures) I like the poses and the location of their pictures so I'm sharing even though I messed up with my camera settings. I'm calling this location "Beach Graffiti"


Little Minions

These kids... So full of energy and personality! This family had a lot of ideas for poses (especially the husband who usually dreads doing family pictures) We did 2 different shoots- the wife wanted to surprise her husband with some updated pictures so we did one with mom and kids, then when dad got back from work we did a 2nd shoot to make sure he was included. This was done during my August special at the "Train Station" location.

Momma Maternity

This client always gives me a new challenge and trusts me to do something out of my comfort zone. I'm really proud of the outcome of her pictures! Her goal was a silhouette of her pregnant belly. We did 2 locations for this photo shoot, one being the August monthly special at the "Train Station".

The Kissers

This location (The Train Station) was my "deal of the month" location for August. It's such a fun place to take pictures, especially for the kids who get to explore the trains.